Born Robin T-strap sandal

Oh My Goodness!  Another amazing sandal!  The leather straps around the toes offer lots of support and prevent “slippage” out of the front of the shoe.  The wedge heel takes stress off of the midfoot and lets you walk longer without pain.  It comes in five colors.  How lucky are we?

Born Robin Sandal


Are you kidding me?

Okay, I must admit that I haven’t personally tried this shoe.  It is BEAUTIFUL!  I almost want to lick it!  Don’t be frightened by the 4 inches!  The platform adds a full one inch.  Yes, this is a tad high, but the rocker forefoot will make up for most of the height.  Not ideal for lots of walking, but very delicious for some short trips when you want to make a big statement!

The Calvin Klein Remini Cutaway