I am a podiatrist in Portland, Oregon.  This is a place where I can feature shoes that are amazingly adorable, stylish and yet feel quite comfortable.  Do all of these shoes work for everyone?  No.  Can you walk in all of them on vacation without pain?  No. 


They are alternatives for when us ladies need something stylish and doesn’t kill us after 10 steps.  These shoes have been chosen to take the edge off for a few hours and are by no means a prescription to heal all that ails you!

If  in doubt, see your doctor first and please don’t use this blog as medical advice.

Now go get a cute pair of shoes!

11 thoughts on “About

  1. nk says:

    First Zappos starts featuring ladies with feet as oddly-shaped (and probably painful) as mine, modeling the shoes in the “Video Descriptions”; then I find this website just for women who have both bad feet and an abiding love of cute shoes. Things are looking up!

  2. Hana says:

    Was recommended your site from my podiatry surgeon for a post-surgery fix for my addiction! Very pleased! Thank you!!

  3. April Love says:

    so glad I found this site! It’s got some amazingly adorable shoes that I can not only wear but i don’t feel like killing anyone while wearing them LOL THANK YOU<3

  4. I am SO EXCITED that I found this site. I went to the podiatrist today and he told me about it. I was fearing that seeing myself in white orthopedic shoes. He said my feet are healthy – just cramping because – well I’m old. Do you have cute, somewhat comfy shoes in narrow sizes? That’s my biggest challenge. I think my feet are cramping because I am gripping shoes with my toes – because nobody seems to make narrows – well cute ones anyway.

  5. julie says:

    I was thinking of investing in a pair of Frye boots. I’ve always wanted them! But I’m worried about whether or not they are good walking shoes. I live in downtown Portland and walk all the time. Any advice or comments would be most welcome!

  6. I was thinking of investing in a pair of Frye boots – I’ve always wanted them! But I wonder if they’re good walking shoes? Any advice or comments would be most welcome.

    • Frye boots are truly a beautiful thing! make sure the toe box has much room (not pointy) and if you pick up the boot and bend it at the toes, it should resist and be quite rigid. The more flex in the front of the boot, the more pressure under the ball of the foot which may result in pain. Good luck!

  7. Larry Aronberg, DPM says:

    I’m a DPM in Palm Beach county, florida. Thanks for the work involved in exploring the shoe universe for us. One question: Not obvious to me how to purchase the shoes?? Contact manufacturer for local sellers?

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