Cydwoq Tomcat Sandal

A patient introduced me to this fabulous shoe company yesterday.  Their shoes are made in California and this sandal has an amazing steel shank arch support built into it!   Hooray for Cydwoq (side-walk)!!!

One thought on “Cydwoq Tomcat Sandal

  1. laurala says:

    Cute! The owner of Ped Shoes, Dayna Grubb, swears by the Cydwoq Tomcat sandal. (She wore it all over Barcelona after buying for herseIf.) If you don’t already know about Ped (, you should check it out because all of their shoes are just what you’re looking for—comfortable without sacrificing style. Many, like Cydwoq, are handmade, so although pricey, they’re worth the $$$.

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